Build and manage Zoo's all over the world.


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ZooTycoon is a great and fun game designed by Microsoft in which you will be able to build your very own zoo!

Very similar to the controls of Theme Park, ZooTycoon allows you to interact with your park guests and the animals in your zoo however you would like.

Build and design the habitats of the animals you are housing, place the proper plants and vegetation for each of the animals and also place extra luxuries for your animals so they don't get upset or sad.

But don't forget about running the zoo's administratively as well with all the fun you will have with your animals! You will need to earn money from the guests to your zoo to be able to provide for your animals. Build hospitality business like restaurants and shops so guests buy more and you earn more.

Lastly, when you have finished building your park, you can also visit it just like a park tourist and go through it in a 4x4 vehicle!
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